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COAST Project Newsletter 2nd Quarterly Newsletter

This Newsletter covers the months of November, December, January and February 2013. It contains a special feature on UNWTO's Sustainable Tourism Governance and Management for coastal areas in Africa. It also shares some of the emerging lessons and experiences from our COAST Demonstration Site in Kribi Cameroon.

COAST Project Newsletter 2nd Quarterly Newsletter


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COAST Project Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletter, February 2013/Edition 2

The  COAST Project Newsletter is an easy to read 26 page Newsletter that highlights some developments in the subject of sustainable coastal tourism in the global discourse and progress in COAST Project implementation.

The September Edition of this Newsletter contains the following stories and articles:

  • A Foreword by Mr. FRÉDÉRIC PIERRET the UNWTO Executive Director
  • A Cover Story on Governance and Management Mechanisms for Sustainable Coastal Tourism in Africa
  • Lessons and experiences emerging from COAST Project implementation in Kribi, Cameroon
  • Some News from the COAST Demo Sites in all the nine Project Countries
  • A picture gallery of the COAST Demo Site activities
  • QuestionAnswer Section with Mr. Marcel Leijzer, the UNWTO Programme Coordinator
  • An Opinion Article on implementing Environmental Management System (EMS) in Africa




Download the PDF Newsletter Edition here.

Download the French Edition of this Newsletter here

Please, share with us your feedback on any of these stories. if you want us to follow up on any of these stories, or would wish more information on these articles, please write to the COAST Project's Knowledge Management and Communications Officer on the contacts below.


Office Number: +254 20 7625286

Cell. Number: +254 722 508010


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