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Some of the suggested criteria and indicators which may be selected for inclusion in this matrix are listed below: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Number of stakeholders identified Number of institutional analyses of all the stakeholders done and validated Number of institutional instruments for CZM, tourism activities and biodiversity conservation identified and assessed Number of good practices in sustainable use of coastal resources identified and disseminated Number of workshops on participatory critical situation analysis held Level of participation of stakeholders in the above workshops Availability and effective use of indicators to monitor the coastal zone conservation and integrity Availability of training modules to raise awareness and support capacity building including beach management units to deal with litter Number of training sessions on awareness and capacity building Number of seminars on conflict resolution for coastal stakeholders Number of conflicts among communities as compare to an initial situation Number of support programmes for Community based ecotourism projects Area covered by reforestation programme along the coast Availability of and use of a Participatory Coastal Zone Planning Model including mapping Existence of a local multi stakeholders coordination group for sustainable coastal tourism Extension of the marine turtle protection program in other sites along the southern coast Number of newly developed small attractions marketed Number of links with positive effects between into local community operators/ hotels Availability and effective use of indicators of performance measures for project Existence of a permanent discussion body for coordination of the integrated coastal zone management Percentage of hotels accepting to invest in EMS Effective relocation of activities and rehabilitation of the Londji beach for tourism Number of tourists visiting the site and annual income of the community members 8 Version 30/7/09 Annex A1: The Cameroun Demo Project Site Kribi (Grand Batanga, Lobe Falls, Londji beach): – Revised Logical Framework and Associated First Year Work plan Overall Objective: To promote improved conservation, management and monitoring of coastal biodiversity, and to enhance and diversify local livelihoods through eco-tourism as a means of alleviating poverty.

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