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ASSET), 07.07.2009 as compared with the baseline year Changes in waste and sewage disposal methods/infrastructure as compared with baseline year A coastal zone task force or multipartner group with diverse representation of stakeholders is meeting on a regular and effective basis, and is able to influence government and private sector initiatives within the same zone Project reports Evidence of the feedback and results provided to the multipartner group and evidence of policy revisions Evidence of a sustainable coordination mechanism for Project publications and website resources Coastal zone multi-partner meetings and reports Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Meeting reports and recommendations 26 The existing stakeholders will welcome the COAST project and be willing to take on and promote the recommendations arising from the demo sites, thereby providing a mechanism for influencing governance and future policy Revised Draft 2 NGOs and the private sector to improve communication, cooperation and reduce overlapping issues and resolve conflicts within the tourism sector 2.2 Support and test the implementation of the Responsible Tourism Guidelines for the Gambia, the Tourism Masterplan, and the Ecotourism Strategy (approved 2007) 2.3 Clarify institutional mechanisms incorporating coordination and cooperation between stakeholders at local, district and provincial levels to support smooth implementation of the masterplan in TDA areas (Kartong zone) 2.4 Review institutional mandates relating to community-based ecotourism in Oyster Creek and make recommendations for a longterm solution 2.5 Raise public and investor awareness regarding policy and regulations on sale of land within TDAs, and enforce them 2.6 Consider introducing entry and resource-use fees to marketrelated levels to raise revenue for conservation and community 07.07.2009 destination planning at the demo sites Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Partner organisation reports Number of recommendations on changes in policy, regulation and standards made, and the number approved Use of these guidelines and strategy with demo project areas Clarified linkages and mandates documented and being utilised for new investments Clarified roles and documented and agreed mandates Documentation and the number of disseminated materials for public and private investors within the TDAs.

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