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Main Result 2 (Component 2) Developed mechanisms for sustainable tourism governance and management Activities contributing towards Result 2: 2.1 Test and evaluate the draft Tourism policy within the demo project area, and provide feedback to the CZM committee 2.2 Review the Tourism planning Baseline and follow up monitoring environmental data Evidence of a practical conflict management mechanism being used The number and type of community-based initiatives being marketed through local hoteliers and operators compared with the baseline year Evidence of diverse stakeholder involvement in KWS marine park planning mechanisms KWS recognition of the value of such sites Agreed process for legal recognition in place A coastal zone task force or committee with diverse representation of stakeholders is meeting on a regular and effective basis, and is able to influence government and private sector initiatives within the same zone Evidence of the feedback and results provided to the CZM committee and evidence of policy revisions Evidence of feedback on the Project reports Coastal zone committee meetings and reports Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Project publications and website resources Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory The existing CZM committee will welcome the COAST project and be willing to take on and promote the recommendations arising from the demo sites, thereby providing a mechanism for influencing governance and future policy mechanisms and provide feedback to the CZM committee 2.3 Monitor, review and provide recommendations on the pricing policy and benefit sharing mechanisms within the marine national parks 2.4 Develop a disaster preparedness plan which is integrated across all relevant sectors 2.5 Provide advice and support to enhance the environmental award scheme for hotels, community groups and schools 2.6 Review current EIA and auditing processes within NEMA and modify so as to make specific to the tourism sector 2.7 Review standards, policies, and regulations on infrastructure planning and development in line with the draft tourism policy 2.8 Develop a coordination model for sustainable tourism at Watamu as an example of destination planning 2.9 Commission a consultancy to examine options for sustainable financing approaches for community tourism 2.10 Develop and test a code of conduct for reef users mechanisms and the debates and decisions made as a result by the CZM committee Changes in pricing and benefit sharing mechanisms and policy within KWS The existence of a disaster preparedness plan and awareness and clarity on the various roles across the relevant stakeholders Increased community and private sector interest in the awards.

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