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local boat, Beach Management Units, fishermen and tourism operators) (existence of registered local associations, % of relevant local reef users involved in each association) 69 Revised Draft 2 02/07/2009 • Existence of legal framework for creation of local associations (Yes/No) • Formal registration procedures of local associations (Yes/No) • Existence of code of conduct/rules for each association established by the members (Yes/No) • Number/% of reefs with visitor management plans (Target=75%) • Number of enforcement staff per km2 of reef, per tour boat, per tourist (will depend on logistics of the particular sites and resources available) (Target= X per km2 / reef - need to verify for each site) • Resources sufficient for enforcement (Target 100%) • % of enforcement officers with sufficient training (Target=100%) • % of conflicts resolved, or being addressed, through conflict resolution processes (Target X) • % of sites with participatory monitoring and self-enforcement programs (by country) (Target=50% of demo sites) • % of reef users are licensed/have use permits • Conflict mitigation systems in place, with stakeholder participation • % of legislation/rules enforced • MPA/reserve/community reserve (presence/absence) • Management plans/legislation revised/developed through participatory processes (Yes/No) • Legislation permits for local participation in management/enforcement (Yes/No) • % MPA/community reserves with co-management plans (i.e.

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