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Work Plan Outlines for: 2011 Demonstration Project Work plan (Kartung, Tumani Tenda and Denton Bridge Demo Sites) ACTIVITY 1.1 Develop baseline environmental, social and economic indicators for each BAP or BAT intervention (3 sub sites) 1.2 Review and promote the rights of indigenous peoples by identifying community needs (through community visioning exercises) particularly regarding ecotourism developments and subsistence resource use in protected areas 1.3 Support the development of information/ interpretation centres at each site, in addition to other facilities as appropriate (toilets, restaurant and retail facilities) 1.4 Disseminate codes of conduct (and develop for Oyster creek) incorporating cultural and social themes, and environmental issues, for both tourists and local community members 1.5 Develop a detailed land use and tourism development plan, guidelines and regulations for the Lobe falls area 1.6 Support local eco-tourism fayres between formal private sector hotels, ground handlers, ASSET members and other CBOs to foster mutually beneficial and improved coordination and cooperation 1.7 At Tumani Tenda area facilitate the development of a partnership between the community and a private sector operator, to help mentor the community to: improve the quality of their tourism product and facilities;
Main Result 4 (Component 4) Captured, managed and disseminated information to assist in replication and uptake of best practices and lessons Activities contributing towards Result 4: 4.1 Targeted awareness raising to encourage enforcement of natural resource sustainable use within tourism development areas (in TDAs) and in protected areas 4.2 Raise awareness about GIPFZA (a one-stop shop for tourism investors) 4.3 Design and disseminate HIV/AIDS and gender awareness materials widely within the demo project area in order to address equity concerns among stakeholders 4.4 Disseminate lessons of best practice and advances in Gambian community-based ecotourism through case studies that include tangible information on socio-economic management practices resulting from such visits at demo sites Number and type of the BAPs and BATs documented and disseminated Number and type of media used to disseminate the project results Number, type and extent of awareness raising events Number and type of materials produced and the extent of their dissemination Number and type of information materials produced and the extent of their dissemination Availability of such information in GTA, NEA, DPWLM, hotels and tour operator offices, and their visitor packages Project publications and website resources Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Project publications and website resources Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Stakeholders within the demo project area are willing to share their experiences with other areas and organisations beyond the demo project site and environmental improvements
COAST Project Progress Reports 1 Background Information 1.1 Project site Kartung, Tumani Tenda and Boat and Fishing Association of Denton Bridge (BFADB) Demo Sites 1.2 Reporting period May to December 2010 1.3 Relevant COAST Project theme (Sustainable Tourism BAPs/BATs, regulatory and policy arrangements, and sustainable financing, ecotourism, ICZM & land use planning, Governance and Management) 1.4 Executing agency/partnership update National Environment Agency (NEA) in collaboration with Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) 2 Staff details of Executing Agency (applies to all personnel/experts/consultants/volunteers) working on behalf of the COAST project Functional Title Demo Site Coordinator Focal Point Focal Point Desk Officer Director Intersectoral Organisation/Department Nature of support (personnel, equipment, consultancy, training, communication, etc) National Environment Personnel, office space Agency (NEA) National Environment Personnel, office space Agency (NEA) Gambia Tourism Authority Personnel (GTA) National Environment Personnel, office space Agency (NEA) National Environment Personnel, office space Network Director Admin.
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