Work Plan Outlines for: 2011 Demonstration Project Work plan (Kartung, Tumani Tenda and Denton Bridge Demo Sites) ACTIVITY 1.1 Develop baseline environmental, social and economic indicators for each BAP or BAT intervention (3 sub sites) 1.2 Review and promote the rights of indigenous peoples by identifying community needs (through community visioning exercises) particularly regarding ecotourism developments and subsistence resource use in protected areas 1.3 Support the development of information/ interpretation centres at each site, in addition to other facilities as appropriate (toilets, restaurant and retail facilities) 1.4 Disseminate codes of conduct (and develop for Oyster creek) incorporating cultural and social themes, and environmental issues, for both tourists and local community members 1.5 Develop a detailed land use and tourism development plan, guidelines and regulations for the Lobe falls area 1.6 Support local eco-tourism fayres between formal private sector hotels, ground handlers, ASSET members and other CBOs to foster mutually beneficial and improved coordination and cooperation 1.7 At Tumani Tenda area facilitate the development of a partnership between the community and a private sector operator, to help mentor the community to: improve the quality of their tourism product and facilities;

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