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Changes in management practices resulting from such visits at demo sites Number and type of the BAPs Project publications and Stakeholders within the demo Revision 2 4) Captured, managed and disseminated information to assist in replication and uptake of best practices and lessons Activities contributing towards Result 4: 4.1 Targeted awareness raising to encourage enforcement of natural resource sustainable use and waste management within Ada estuary and RAMSAR site 4.2 Production of best practice guidelines for both local communities and visitors to the demo site 4.3 Design and disseminate HIV/AIDS and gender awareness materials widely within the demo project area in order to address equity concerns among stakeholders 4.4 Disseminate lessons of best practice and advances in Ghanaian integrated tourism destination planning and ecotourism through case studies that include tangible information on socio-economic and environmental and BATs documented and disseminated Number and type of media used to disseminate the project results and raise awareness website resources Number, type and extent of awareness raising events project area are willing to share their experiences with other areas and organisations beyond the demo project site Project publications and website resources Number and type of materials produced and the extent of their dissemination Number and type of information materials produced and the extent of their dissemination Availability of such information in demo sites, hotels, tour operator offices, and in their visitor packages and websites Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys Stakeholder views and perspectives from participatory surveys NB> This activity was not identified by the workgroup, but is included in the original design of the GEF project Revision 2 improvements

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