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Research and Environmental Analyses

The emerging technical findings from COAST Project implementation will be showcased through the COAST Project website. Here you find some useful GIS imagery that has been produced from the COAST Demonstration Sites.

The value of COAST Project work in some of the countries we work in is manifesting through production of quality analyses and GIS information that is now being used by governments and communities to sustainably plan for the coastal ecosystems. Some of the useful materials from the work includes GIS photographs of Watamu in Kenya and Pomene in Mozambique.

As the project up-scales implementation in the next two years, more informative products will be generated int the following main themes of work:  Research

  1. Reef and Marine Recreation Management (RMRM)
  2. Eco Tourism
  3. Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


Examples from Mozambique and Kenya

Habitats Pomene
Habitats Pomene


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