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Demo site: Badagry Peninsular; Theme: Eco-tourism; Management Team:Environment Focal Point: Mr. Hassan Adeyemi Sanuth; Tourism Focal Point: Mrs. Anthonia M. Johnson; Demo Project Coordinator: Mr. Peter Olaide-Mesewaku

Nigeria has a coastline that is rich in natural resources which stretches for over 700 kilometers, yet less than 4% of GDP comes from tourism and up to 2000 only 80,000 tourists visited the country annually. The demonstration project is called; Heritage and cultural eco-tourism along the Badagry peninsula, and aims to mainstream environmental considerations into conventional tourism master planning processes, with an emphasis on cultural and heritage assets.

nigeria01.jpgNigeria’s involvement in the preparation of the African Process (Management of the Coastal and Marine Environment in sub-Saharan Africa) already was a sign of the existing political will by the country to endorse positive development activities towards the proper management of coastal areas. Tourism is becoming one of Nigeria’s fastest growing industries. Many areas along the coast are exceptionally favourable to coastal tourism. Nigeria has a coastline that is rich in natural resources which stretches for over 700 kilometres and dotted with small coastal settlements which engage primarily in farming, fishing, and trading. The Calabar coast for example is blessed with natural attractions like game reserves, a national park with variety of rare primates, birds and other fauna. In addition, beautiful coastline areas exist at Badagry and in the Akassa area.

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Heritage and cultural eco-tourism along the Badagry Peninsular

At the end of the planning phase for the COAST project (mid 2006) each partner country had produced (with consultant support) a narrative project document describing in general terms the proposed demonstration project(s). There was no logical framework, no work plan, and only a total budget figure (see below) to guide stakeholders in beginning to implement the project. From January 2009 through to June 2009, based upon a one week visit by the Technical Coordinator to each partner country (during the Inception period of the COAST project) a revised narrative, new logical framework, first year work plan and indicative GEF support budget were developed and discussed. Subsequent to each country visit further support has been provided through email discussions. This demonstration project document now provides a more concise definition of the activities and outputs which are expected to be undertaken at site 1 in the Nigeria demonstration project. This short note highlights what are foreseen to be the main challenges in now starting to implement the work. This paper has been written as a subsidiary contribution to the general overview provided in the Inception Report.

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Theme: Eco-tourism

Management Team






Mr. Hassan Adeyemi


Ms. Anthonia M JOHNSON

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